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Tango Pricing.

The price is low (and easy to understand).

Transaction Fee

This is a fee that everyone—us included—have to pay in order to carry out transactions.

The online merchant we use for executing transactions for you is Stripe. They are the online merchant services provider for thousands of organizations. Their fees are very straight-forward: They charge 30 cents (US) for each transaction and then an additional 2.9% of the transaction amount. So, for example, if someone pays $20 to you, Stripe's fee would be $0.30 plus $0.58 (that's 2.9 % of $20.00). That means the total Stripe fee on a $20 donation is $0.88. We make your life simple by automatically instructing Stripe to deduct this fee for you. You don't need to create a separate Stripe account or anything.

MMBR's Platform Fee

Tango offers a very simple, low fee structure.

After the transaction transaction fee is deducted from each transaction, MMBR charges a low, very easy-to-understand platform fee. It's just 2% of the total. So, continuing the example above, we would charge just 2% of the $20 you receive from your customer. In this case, our platform fee would be $0.40 (that's 2% of $20.00). This means that your retained earnings from a $20 payment—after the transaction fee ($0.88) and the MMBR.IO platform fee ($0.40)—would be $18.72.

No Other Fees

Our competitors often charge other fees. We don't.

Unlike most of our competitors, we don't charge any other fees. No payout fees. No processing fees. Whatever other names they might call them by, we don't charge anything except the 2% platform fee described above.

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