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Tango Features.

Tango offers much more than just membership management and a paywall.

Member Management

Picture of group of people in a chain that demonstrates the ability to share links from person to person Use Tango for member management at no cost.

Tango helps website owners require visitors to sign up or register to gain access to your entire site, or just certain pages. But we also make it easy for a visitor to access the protected content. Tango is an integrated service to your website, so, if you choose to switch your host or CMS, (eg. wordpress to squarespace) you automatically bring all your members with you. It works on any website or CMS—including Virb, Squarespace, WordPress (plug-in) and others No major website modifications required. We manage users, subscriptions, renewals, password resets—all of it.

Content Protection

Shield representing content protection Use Tango for content protection at no cost.

Choose the pages you wish to protect, then set the subscription price (if any) to access them. You monetize your content by choosing the pages on your site to protect. In just a couple minutes your visitors can purchase subscriptions to your protected content. If you have any questions about Tango, visit our FAQ page

Share Links

Picture of group of people in a chain that demonstrates the ability to share links from person to person Use Tango to send and share links at no cost.

One way that Tango will help you to extend your reach and grow your subscriber base is by the use of sharing. Share Links allow subscribers to post links to content for others – via email or automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter. Your subscriber base will grow exponentially as your own subscribers extend your website's presence across social media and around the world. If someone uses the shared link (not a share pass) which leads to a normally protected page, they will need a supporting Tango account and subscription to access. If you'd like shared links to provide instant access to the page, without required registration, take a look at the next section: Share Pass.Choose the pages you wish to protect, then set the subscription price (if any) to access them.

Share Pass

Picture of a lock comprised of many people that demonstrates the ability to provide temporary acess to protected content Use Tango to share temporary access to normally protected pages at no cost.

By sharing your protected content to guests, they can then get a taste for what you're offering and decide to subscribe to your plan afterwards. Again, they only get "guest" access for the set duration. Once the Share Pass has expired, they have to sign up as a subscriber in order to continue. And you can encourage your subscribers to share links to your content and get others subscribed by enabling payout of commissions on your subscription plans. This way, your subscribers are paid for their quality referrals and your subscriber base will grow exponentially.

Newsletter and Mail Integrations

Picture of a mail envelope made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to integrate Tango with newsletter and email campaigns Connect Tango to all major campaign and newsletter services at no cost.

We offer the most feature rich experience available in any paywall in the market. Subscriber retention emails, special offers, update notifications – all possible with our integrations.

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Advanced Integrations API

Picture of a some mail envelope made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to integrate Tango with newsletter and email campaigns Use Tango's advanced integration API via Zapier at no cost.

Tango lets you integrate your active subscribers to mailing lists, automated marketing campaigns, and workflows. Integrate with 750+ third party services like Infusion Soft, Salesforce, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Paid Subscriptions

Picture of an American dollar bill made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to charge your customers for subscriptions Tango's subscriptions management is the best in the industry.

The only cost to using Tango, if you choose, is when charging money for subscriptions. If you want your visitors to pay to access premium content, we charge a small transaction fee for processing the transaction. (For more information on Tango pricing, go to our pricing page here.) Tango does a lot to get your business up and running. All you have to do is set your subscription price on your Tango Dashboard, verify your bank account info with us, and we'll deposit your earnings every two days.

Partner (Affiliate) Program

Picture of a pie graph comprised of many people that represents the small fees t the ability to charge your customers for subscriptions Automatically reward good partners and advocates.

Partners (affiliates) can earn up to 50% of a subscription. The Publisher (site owner) sets the commission percentage. Leveraging other people's networks is the best way to increase your visibility. Partnering with advertising and marketing experts through Tango allows them to earn a commission from the subscription they referred. Your Partners can link to your website using their unique Partner Referral Link and then any visitor that uses the link will be associated with the Partner. If that web user becomes a subscriber within 30 days, the Partner gets a commission – set by the Publisher ahead of time.

Other Features

In addition to the features above, Tango offers several other benefits.

Low Profile Integration. After the visitor signs up for one of your subscriptions, the interface that allows them to sign in and out is a tiny widget we call the Hud. The Hud consumes almost no screen space. It is branded with the MMBR logo so that visitors will notice that we, a well-known and trustworthy service, are caring for member management in your behalf.

Seamless User Experience. When your visitors are prompted to subscribe for the first time, the curtain that they see appears to be just another part of your website. They're not taken to an entirely new webpage and confused, or worse, reticent about providing payment information to a third party. Your own logo and explanations are provided so that everything is seamless for the visitor.

High Availability. High Performance. All of MMBR's services are built in the cloud and architected so that they are highly stable and reliable. When you are dealing with revenue-generating subscriptions you want to know that the financial piece of things is 100% solid. Our cloud-based platform and integration with Stripe means that Tango scales to any number of subscribers and never goes down.

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