Tango, how to make money from your website

your website.

Tango is a free plug-in for your website that lets you protect content, turn visitors into members, and—if you like—earn money from your subscribers.

Paid subscriptions.
Member management.
Content protection.

Tango makes it easy to earn revenue from your website content: live events, podcasts, webinars, blogs, videos and more—all without hiring a programmer.

Six reasons to Tango.


Adding Tango to your website is easy. It takes just minutes, and you don’t need to be a web developer. When people visit your website, they are greeted with a friendly popup that invites them to register.


Get to know and engage with your members. Our membership management system gives you deep insights into who is visiting your website and what they love.


Tango works everywhere. And you’re not locked into one platform. Add Tango to your existing Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress, Webflow, static html site, and more.


Tango gives you the option to charge visitors access to selected pages on your website. Visitors can make a one-time purchases for limited-time access, or subscribe on a recurring basis.


Tango has the lowest transaction fee in the industry—which means more money for you. We process credit card transactions, automate bank transfers, manage your subscribers, and provide analytics.


Tango content protection and membership management is always free. Later, if you choose to monetize website content, it just takes a few clicks.

Tango is powerful.

Tango lets you take control of your website content. You can require visitors to sign up or register to gain access to your entire site, or just certain pages.

Protect content

Choose the pages you wish to protect, then set the subscription price (if any) to access them.

You monetize your content by choosing the pages on your site to protect. In just a couple minutes your visitors can purchase subscriptions to your protected content.

Share links

Sharing is one way Tango helps you extend your reach and grow your subscriber base. Share Links allow subscribers to post links to content for others—via email or automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter. Your subscriber base will grow exponentially as your own subscribers extend your website’s presence across social media and around the world.

If someone uses the shared link (not a share pass) which leads to a normally protected page, they will need a supporting MMBR account and subscription to access. If you'd like shared links to provide instant access to the page, without required registration, take a look at the next section: Share Pass.

Share pass

When enabled by the Publisher, this feature allows users of a share link to access the page (link) for a set duration without requiring registering with MMBR.

By sharing your protected content to guests, they can then get a taste for what you're offering and decide to subscribe to your plan afterwards. Again, they only get "guest" access for the set duration. Once the Share Pass has expired, they have to sign up as a subscriber in order to continue. And you can encourage your subscribers to share links to your content and get others subscribed by enabling payout of commissions on your subscription plans. This way, your subscribers are paid for their quality referrals and your subscriber base will grow exponentially.


We offer the most feature rich experience available in any paywall in the market. Subscriber retention emails, special offers, update notifications—all possible with our integrations.

Gmail • MailChimp • MailerLite • Mandrill • mailparser.io • Mailgun • Mailjet • Zoho Mail • Mailshake • Benchmark Email • MailMunch • QuickMail.io • MailUp • dotmailer • EmailOctopus • Manifestly • FreshMail • MailboxValidator • Direct Mail • Kirim.Email • Mailigen • MediaSilo • Click2Mail • MoonMail • Email Parser by Zapier • Automational • EmailONE • TailoredMail • Email by Zapier • ReachMail • MailPlatform • MyBizzMail • SmartEmailing • and more

*We use Zapier (free accounts available) to integrate with all major newsletter campaign services (paid account may be required).


Use MMBRs' advanced integration API via Zapier* at no cost.

MMBR lets you integrate your active subscribers to mailing lists, automated marketing campaigns, and workflows. Integrate with 750+ third party services like Infusion Soft, Salesforce, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

*Zapier has a free and paid plans


The MMBR partner program fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in addition to the publisher transaction.

Partners (affiliates) can earn up to 50% of a subscription. The Publisher (site owner) sets the commission percentage.

Leveraging other people's networks is the best way to increase your visibility. Partnering with advertising and marketing experts through MMBR allows them to earn a commission from the subscription they referred.

Your Partners can link to your website using their unique Partner Referral Link, any web user that uses the link will be associated with the Partner. If that web user becomes a subscriber within 30 days, the Partner gets a commission—set by the Publisher ahead of time.

Tango is free.

Add the Tango plug-in to your website at no cost.
Begin turning visitors into members today!

To begin receiving donations, you don’t need a merchant account, PayPal or Stripe. After the credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30, Tango’s fee is just 4%—among the lowest in the industry.

You keep 93%

Tango is global.

Tango gets your business up and running. All you have to do is set your subscription price on your MMBR Dashboard, verify your bank account info with us, and we'll deposit your earnings every two days. Tango accepts customers globally.

Global Payout Service

Tango is competitive.

If you would like to know more about some of Tango's features, visit the features page.
And if you have any other questions about Tango, you can aso visit our FAQ page
Tango Tinypass GO Memberful MemberDash Pigeon Paywall
Totally free usage option
Protect pages, manage members, handle registration
Yes No No No No
Merchant account included
Yes Yes No No Yes
Setup fee $1,500
Monthly fee $100 $19.95 $99
Platform fee
Only relevant to transactions
3%* - 4% ~7% 1%* - 10% 0% 7%
Per transaction fee
Mandatory for any credit card transaction
2.9% +
2.9% +
2.9% +
2.9% +
2.9% +
Your monthly net earnings (bigger is better)
*based on 1750 subscribers per month @ $25 each
$41,081 $39,375 $41,618 $41,936 $39,276
Automatic generated tax forms Yes
Affiliate commissions Yes
Features & Value ★★★★★ ★★☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆

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