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Bravo Features.

With Bravo you can do way more than just receive donations.

Member Management

Picture of group of people in a chain that demonstrates the ability to share links from person to person Use Bravo for member management at no cost.

Bravo allows your fans and followers to sign up or register to stay in touch with you automatically. And if you have your own website, our plug-in makes this even easier. It works on any website or CMS—including Virb, Squarespace, WordPress and others. No major website modifications required. We manage users, one-time and recurring donations, password resets—all of it.

Flexible and Low-cost

Picture of an American dollar bill made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to charge your customers for subscriptions Bravo is flexible—you can use it to receive either one-time or recurring donations. And the cost is the lowest in the industry.

Unlike Patreon and other services, Bravo gives you options. You can receive one-time or recurring donations and you can do so either from your personalized Bravo page on MMBR.IO or right from your own website. Or both. It's up to you.

Bravo is also very low-cost. The member management services are free and the fees we charge on transactions are significantly lower than our competitors. (For more information on Bravo pricing, go to our pricing page here.)

Newsletter and Mail Integrations

Picture of a mail envelope made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to integrate Tango with newsletter and email campaigns Connect Bravo to all major campaign and newsletter services at no cost.

We offer a very feature rich experience. Supporter retention emails, update notifications – all possible with our integrations.

Gmail • MailChimp • MailerLite • Mandrill • • Mailgun • Mailjet • Zoho Mail • Mailshake • Benchmark Email • MailMunch • • MailUp • dotmailer • EmailOctopus • Manifestly • FreshMail • MailboxValidator • Direct Mail • Kirim.Email • Mailigen • MediaSilo • Click2Mail • MoonMail • Email Parser by Zapier • Automational • EmailONE • TailoredMail • Email by Zapier • ReachMail • MailPlatform • MyBizzMail • SmartEmailing • and more

Advanced Integrations API

Picture of a some mail envelope made up of many people that demonstrates the ability to integrate Tango with newsletter and email campaigns Use Bravo's advanced integration API via Zapier at no cost.
Bravo lets you integrate your active supporters to mailing lists, automated campaigns, and workflows. Integrate with 750+ third party services like Infusion Soft, Salesforce, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other Features

In addition to the features above, Bravo offers a couple other benefits.

Seamless User Experience. If you have your own website, visitors can very easily register and make donations right from one of your own website pages. They don't have to visit your campaign page on MMBR.IO. But if you do want to use your campaign page and not not bother with your own website, you can personalize your campaign page so that your own logo and design is provided and everything is seamless for the visitor.

High Availability. High Performance. All of MMBR's services are built in the cloud and architected so that they are highly stable and reliable. When you are dealing with revenue-generating donations you want to know that the financial piece of things is 100% solid. Our cloud-based platform and integration with Stripe means that Bravo scales to any number of supporters and never goes down.

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